Impact Specimen Angle Cutting Device

Mã SP: QC-640

This tester is used to impact and then cut standard V shape notch of specimens. It can provide steadier and more accuracy result during specimen test. Notch type depend on different standards, user can select various cutter types, notch depth is adjustable conform to specimens’ requirement. Cutting speed is also adjustable to reduce the effect of specimen during cutting.






Cutting Speed

30-550 m/min (adjustable)

Notch Angle

45°or indicated

Specimen Size

Thickness 3 ~ 13 mm

Height 10 ~ 13mm

Specimen Length

14 cmmax.

Cutting Radius

R=0.25 mm( or indicated)


48× 37 × 35 cm


40 kg


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The precision of the pendulum is related with the accuracy of the test. Not only the accuracy of the pendulum energy but the center of mass will affect impact velocity and will generate the test error.

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IZOD / CHARPY are two types of common tests; QC-639P can be carried out in different test methods by replacing the pendulum and vise type, which could save machine repeat purchases waste.

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