Melt Flow Indexer

Mã SP: LMI 5000

Polymer manufacturers need to create new materials and deliver high quality to meet ever changing end-user requirements. Confirm the melt flow rate (MFR) of your raw materials when melting plastic before adding to an extruder with the LMI5000 Melt Flow Indexer.


The LMI5000 is a culmination of feedback from customers incorporating a series of key features and options: Automatic Sample Cutter (Autocutter), Color Touch-Screen Display incorporating a redesigned user-friendly menu structure, USB communications, pneumatic weight lift system with stackable weights, a force packer, higher accuracy digital encoder, redesigned auto cutter option and software improvements.


Dynisco's Autocutter is a new option that allows for automated cutting of polymer samples. Benefits include:

  • Increased repeatability of sample size
  • Increased automation
  • Easy retrofit into existing machines
  • Enhanced safety keeping user away from hot barrel when retrieving samples


The latest development in Melt Flow Indexers, the LMI is capable of delivering a wide range of data that includes not only melt index values, but also shear stress, shear rate, viscosity and apparent melt density, as well as testing conditions.


The addition and improvements of key attributes help alleviate some of the burden of running a melt index test from the technician and improves repeatability of the data.

  • NEW! Automatic Sample Cutter (Autocutter) for ease and consistency in sample cutting
  • Performance meets international standards: A2LA Accreditation, ASTM D1238 & D3364, ISO 1133, BS2782, DIN 53735 JIS K7210
  • Color Touch Screen with a simplified, user-friendly interface for setup and control
  • Semi-automated pneumatic weight lift option for all weight loads
  • Ergonomic, stackable weights from .325 – 31.6kg for all LMI applications
  • Force Packer option for consistent material packing
  • USB connectivity for data storage, scale integration, networking and printing capabilities
  • Melt Flow Rate to Intrinsic Viscosity correlation for PET
  • 100 program storage capability when used with software option
  • Modular options allow for easy field upgrades from a base model to a fully integrated Analyzer vs. Instrumen