Prochem Pacific- Micro gloss Meter 60°

Mã SP: 4585

Excellent repeatability and inter-instrument agreement guaranteed.
Intelligent auto diagnosis guarantees always accurate readings.
Brilliant color display ,easy to read - easy to use.
Statistics, Pass/Fail and Memory - ideal for QC and checks in the field.
Continuous mode to check uniformity over large areas.


Gloss meter

Application :

Gloss range    60o value    To be measured with

Semi Gloss     10-70            60o geometry

High Gloss     >70                20o geometry

Low Gloss      <10                 85o geometry

20° for high gloss paint and plastic
60° for semi gloss paint and plastic
85° for low gloss paint and plastic
45° for ceramic and plastic films
75° for paper and vinyl siding

International Standard: 

ISO 2813, 7668
ASTM D 523, D 2457
DIN 67530
JIS Z8741


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Intelligent gloss measurement with smart communication

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