Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C

Product Code: TY400C

Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester TY400C is used for testing the breaking strength and elongation at the break of single yarns of various cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, pure spinning, corded spinning, and yarns. It can test the physical indexes such as breaking strength, breaking elongation, breaking strength, and breaking time of a single yarn.

The operator only needs to introduce the yarn into the yarn guide frame, and the whole test process is automatic without manual intervention. The test capacity is large and the operation is convenient. Equipped with a large touch screen, you can set the parameters on it, or achieve that by a computer with the related operation software.

TESTEX Yarn Strength Tester complies with yarn strength testing methods like ASTM D2256, ISO2062, GB/T14344, etc. Please contact us for more information about yarn strength testing methods.


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