Mã SP: QC-639P

During the test, motion loss, wind resistance, and the energy error of the pendulum can be corrected in the PC -style pendulum impact instrument. Equipping with non-contact precision sensors can read a minimum angle of 0.05 degrees. A simple operation makes users directly view test energy value from display. It can be used in single operation mode, or can be operated via computer software.

Based on the capacity range of this model is suitable for use in testing impact strength tests of the polymer material. Controller can automatically calculate the energy absorbed by specimen during the testing process.

The precision of the pendulum is related with the accuracy of the test. Not only the accuracy of the pendulum energy but the center of mass will affect impact velocity and will generate the test error.

Machine is directed against the energy of each pendulum to do amendment so that each of the pendulums can have an accurate performance.

IZOD / CHARPY are two types of common tests; QC-639P can be carried out in different test methods by replacing the pendulum and vise type, which could save machine repeat purchases waste.


Chia sẻ:
1. As for test method, different pendulum and vise accessories are optional in accordance with different standards for self-installation use.
2. With specimen positioning device to reduce the error generated by clamping
3. Machine with high resolution, it can enhance precision especially for small capacity specimens 
4. Automatically test by press button. It makes three seconds of warning sound to alert the user before the test
5. PC- type models do not need the remaining needles which can reduce the resistance and test error
6. The machine has a level to use to determine the machine’s stability before test.
7. Automatic function, pendulum can automatically return to original position after impact.

8. Equipped with transparent protective cover, it is safer and more convenient to operate

through machine buttons.

9. Can be stand-alone electronic touch display panel operation, the touch panel buttons can reduce the display damaged parts.
 Optional software which connects the computer to operate is easily to archive data and analysis.







Test Type


Test Maximum Capacity

Izod 1~11J

Charpy 1~5J

Izod 11~50J

Charpy 5~50J

Energy loss

< 2.5%

Best test range

10 ~ 90% of the pendulum capacity

Minimum display angle


Impact angle





Single phase 100 ~ 240 V


96x42x75 cm



210 kg

300 kg


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