Product Code: CV164

The AirFicient Air Permeability Tester allows you to quickly get reliable air permeability testing results, and it is a smart instrument so you can set parameters, monitor the test status, etc., from your smartphone, which greatly improves work efficiency.

This Air Permeability Tester is suitable for a variety of textiles including technical fabrics, non-woven fabrics, and other breathable products such as sponges paper, and other materials for air permeability testing. 

Applicable to GB/T5453, ISO 9237, ISO 9073:15, JIS L1096 Item 8.26 Method C, BS 3424-16, BS 6F 100 3.1, NWSP 070.1.RO(15), GB/T 24218.15, etc.


Tests are easy and fast.

The AirFicient Air Permeability Tester is easy to operate, you can select the test standards and measurement units from the operation screen. The Air Permeability Testing Machine can automatically recognize the different ranges of the test fixture head. You can start the test and get the result directly.

The principle is that the air passes vertically through the fabric, forming a certain pressure difference between the front and back sides of the fabric, measuring the amount of air going through the fabric under a certain pressure difference, thus obtaining the air permeability value.

More reliable air permeability test results

Innovative test model, the range conversion components are maintenance-free, with no loss, bringing high repeatability and reliability to air permeability test results.

High-quality core components, such as pressure sensors from famous brands, further ensure the accuracy of the test results.

Smart instrument

This AirFicient Air Permeability Tester can be connected through Wi-Fi with the SmarTexLab App installed in the smartphones, you can set parameters, monitor the test status, receive equipment warning reminders, etc., and share the air permeability test results with the quality control department or brand buyers.

 IoT technology

Using this AirFicient Air Permeability Tester, you can achieve real-time remote monitoring of test status, get the air permeability test reports from your smartphone terminal, and export or print the test report.

The Specification of AirFicient Air Permeability Tester

Measurement units

mm/s, m/s, l/m²/s, ft³/min/ft², cfm

cm³/s/cm², l/s/cm², l/m²/min

1/dm²/min, l/min, m³/min, dm³/s

m³/s/m², m³/min/m², m³/h/m², ft³/s/ft²

Test Mode                 Automatic

Test head                  20 cm(standard)

Test pressure            10 ~ 2,500 Pa

Air velocity                0.6 ~ 10,000 mm/s (20 cm2)

Maximum sample thickness range  0 ~ 10 mm (other thicknesses and fixtures can be customized)

Testing Accuracy      <+/-2%

Optional test heads  5 cm2, 25 cm2, 38 cm2, 50 cm2, 100 cm2

Power    220V/110V   50/60Hz

Weight  125kg


970*400*970 mm (L*W*H)

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